The Podquesters

Thomas (Lukan Ithero – the smuggler)
Artist, aspiring author, unsafe motorcyclist and dabbling hypochondriac.

In Orod-Ando, If a man finds himself wanting for things dubiously acquired or illegal in nature, he might well find himself in the company of Lukan Ithero. Tomb
robber, smuggler extraordinaire, and all round shady
fellow, Lukan risks his life and limbs for gold and
reputation, wherever the hunt takes him.
Raised hard in the town, he has a keen eye for
opportunity, a nose for trouble, and a deep seated
mistrust for authority. He’s light on his feet and quick with a blade, and when he wills it so, he is the shadow itself. But there is something more, something greater; an insatiable need that drives his feet through the dirt of the scrubland, with civilisation at his back and forever chasing the horizon. A legend. An obsession. He will find it, for it is his destiny..

Tom (Azüll – the sorcerer)
Thespian and fire-breathing pipe-smoker extraordinaire, lover of dark ales, hearty meals and Star Wars.


Azüll is a name only ever whispered in apprehension in the Inns of Orod-Ando. This power-hungry but brooding
figure secludes himself in the heathlands around the town avoiding its folk and their disturbances. His seclusion
allows him to plumb the depths of many dark and questionable magics. When he is seen immersed in his own
culture, it is always presaged by the appearance of his dark, curious cat-like companion Aerin who slinks through
the streets like some otherworldly being.

Ben (The Game Master/Rhovandir)
Dark Lord of NPCs, orchestrator of dire accidents, curious happenings and diabolical quests. Trekkie and Geologist who plays the occasionally appearing character of Rhovandir, Elven Ranger of Thrallion:


Rhovandir is a ranger from the elven kingdom of Thrallion many leagues to the southeast of Orad-Ando (the town where it all began). An elf of the wilds he may be; spending many seasons at a time away from his
homeland in search of knowledge and peace, but this elf is not without stature or wealth among his people. He sees little use for such trappings. Gifted not in magic he struggles with even the most simple of cantrips and spells, he makes up for this inadequacy with a strong skill of the bow. Rhovandir is often seen atop the small hillocks around Orad-Ando, looking up into the night sky and towards his home. Is he longing to be back among his own, does his sacred bond draw him homeward, or is he just pondering the stars?